Frequently Asked Questions

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Pick up orders are available Monday and Tuesday the week after you order from 2 pm-6 pm at the Redstart Foods Commissary. 

Typically I update and restock the website every Sunday evening, I receive my pork order for the week Tuesday, make everything Wednesday and Thursday, and deliver on Friday. Orders that do not meet the delivery minimum are available to pick up the next week. 

MMC currently carries a variety of handmade sausage and will eventually carry charcuterie and raw cuts of pork. Each week I’ll have batches of my staple sausage flavors--Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, and sage breakfast along with rotating specials. Examples of special flavors include feta jerk, charred sesame scallion, miso shiitake, and cheesy pizza sausage to name a few. For charcuterie items, I will have rotating batches of country style pate, smoked hams, rillette, and other tasty treats!


Menu will change seasonally and based off of what is available. The MMC instagram account is also a great resource to see what I am making each week.

You can place orders online through this website for either pick up or delivery within Durham + Chapel Hill zip codes (minimum order total required). Delivery occurs once a week.

I've also partnered with the fantastic
Hillsborough Bakeshop & Pasta Co. wherein they're currently selling my footlong hotdogs. A great way to welcome summer in N.C.

I was born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in Durham, NC. My Korean surname is Moon, hence the affinity for anything moon-related. 🌝

Belly is a highly sought after pork cut and is used to make favorites like bacon and pancetta. Together I thought the two words sounded super cute and gave me an opportunity to tie my Korean culture to my passion project!

Thanks for asking! Mason Phillips, a graphic designer orginally from NC and now based in Brooklyn, NY, created my logo and overall brand identity. You can find more of his work here.